At Spring Valley Internal Medicine, we’re committed to offering you a comprehensive, boutique membership practice experience at an affordable price.

We Accept Insurance

Unlike many other top physician practices in our area, we have chosen to continue accepting most major health insurance plans.   When you receive care from us, we’ll be happy to submit the claim to your insurance company on your behalf.   You’ll be expected to pay for any applicable co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, or non-covered services in a timely manner.   The list of health insurance plans we currently participate in is below.

If you don’t have health insurance for your primary care visits, you can pay out of pocket based on our fee schedule below.   We believe we’ve established our rates at a very reasonable level as compared to our peers. Our current fee schedule is:

Service Standard Fees (for patients not paying through their insurance)
Regular Follow-Up Visits $150
New Patient Visits $200
Comprehensive Annual Physical $300

Membership Fees

As an ongoing patient in our practice, you’ll be expected to join Privia Health as a member.   Our boutique monthly membership fee is a small fraction of what many “concierge medicine” physicians in our area charge ($2000 or more per year) - and typically those physicians do not offer the breadth of wellness benefits that are included in our Privia membership.   We believe we offer a much better value for our patients.

Membership Fees
Privia Gold Membership $25 per month
Privia Platinum Membership $65 per month

Insurance Plans We Accept

  • BCBS (BlueCross Blue Shield)
  • Aetna
  • Coventry
  • Medicare

Please note that we do not participate in any HMO plans.


We are a “non-par” Medicare practice.   This means we agree to charge no more than Medicare’s approved limiting charge, and it is the patient’s responsibility to pay the charges at the time services are rendered.  We will then submit the claim for you and you will receive Medicare’s share of the payment directly from Medicare.

We invite you to learn more About Us and to Join Now.